Our approach to sustainability

At AkzoNobel, we’ve made it our business to deliver the sustainable and innovative solutions that our customers, communities – and the planet – are increasingly relying on.

We’re fully focused on ensuring that the pioneering paints and coatings we supply today can help to safeguard our world far beyond tomorrow.

Pushing boundaries to ensure a sustainable future

Guided by our People. Planet. Paint. approach, which lies at the heart of everything we do, we’ve identified three key global topics – climate change, circularity, and health and well-being.

Collaborating with customers, suppliers, academia and other stakeholders is fundamental to what we want to achieve. It’s about pushing boundaries and finding inventive ways to collectively make a positive contribution to an ever-changing world. This will be vital if we’re to realize our science-based target of halving our carbon emissions by 2030.

Climate change

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How we help limit climate change. We focus on halving our carbon emissions in our value chain – by moving to renewable electricity and reducing overall energy consumption for our own operations – and developing solutions that help customers reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Palette - Culture and change network (illustration)

Carbon emission reduction
Own operations (baseline 2018, absolute)


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How we move towards a circular economy. We’re reducing waste throughout our value chain – increasing the use of renewable and recycled materials and material efficiency – while protecting surfaces and materials, making them last longer.

Employess – Organizational health score (bar chart)

Circular use of materials
The amount of materials (in own operations) reused by AkzoNobel and third parties

Health and well-being

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How we safeguard the health and well-being of our employees, customers, end-users and other stakeholders in the communities where we operate.

Employess – Female executives (bar chart)

People empowered
Members of local communities empowered with new skills (cumulative)

Sustainable solutions
Revenue from sustainable solutions

ESG rating agencies and benchmarks

As we work towards our ambitious targets, we benchmark ourselves versus peers and industry. We annually review the benchmarks we actively participate in, taking into account stakeholder preference, such as investors, suppliers and customers. We prioritize active participation in those benchmarks that help to drive continuous improvement and rely mostly on publicly available information. We’re proud that we’ve remained at the forefront of the paints and coatings industry throughout 2022, based on these ESG rating agencies and benchmarks.

ESG rating agency

Key achievement


We were awarded a Platinum rating in the latest review, positioning us in the top 1% of our industry.


We were included in the latest FTSE4Good Index Series – that makes more than 15 years we’ve been included in this influential ranking.


We’ve received the highest possible rating (AAA) for seven consecutive years.


We’re assessed as “low risk” and ESG top rated in our industry.

More information about the ratings we’ve received from various external ESG rating agencies can be found on our website.

World Green Building Council (logo)

We’re a member of associations and organizations that are aligned with our approach to sustainable business. More information about these collaborations is available on our website.

United Nations SDGs

Our approach to sustainability is designed to contribute to the global agenda represented by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a company, we recognize their strategic importance to our business and to the world – and continue to focus on those SDGs where we can have the biggest impact.