Recycled content in packaging

In 2022, we delivered towards our ambition to use at least 50% recycled content in the plastic packaging used by our Decorative Paints Europe business by 2025.

Through collaboration with our packaging suppliers, we’ve been able to achieve up to 70% recycled content in our key packs without increasing the packaging weight or reducing its performance. In 2022, we updated most packs in the UK – our largest European market – and have further worked towards the roll-out in mainland Europe. Currently, almost one third of plastic packaging contains recycled content. We expect that to grow to more than two thirds of products in 2023, with the remainder to be changed in 2024.

Paint the Future accelerates sustainable startup solutions

Three startups have signed letters of intent to continue working with us on sustainable business opportunities following our latest global Paint the Future challenge.

The accelerator event was held in March, with the 2022 edition attracting a total of 245 submissions from 62 countries. The three winning startups were SolCold from Israel, Aerones from Latvia and the Czech Republic’s SprayVision.

SolCold’s solution is a sustainable, self-cooling coating based on anti-Stokes. It uses the sun’s energy to keep the inside temperature much cooler, without having to use any electricity.

Aerones brings a robotic solution to wind turbine maintenance. Their crawling robot allows technicians to safely and efficiently perform inspections, cleaning and repairs at height.

SprayVision’s solution brings a data-driven approach to optimizing spray application of paint, offering customers full control over the process. It helps to reduce environmental impact by saving material and improving quality.

“The winning startups joined our go-to-market acceleration program, which connected them to a global network of people and resources,” explains Menno van der Zalm, Director of the AkzoNobel Incubator. “We’ve been working closely together to validate their solutions for our customers and develop a joint value case.”