Note A: General information

Akzo Nobel N.V. is a company headquartered in the Netherlands. The address of our registered office is Christian Neefestraat 2, Amsterdam; the Chamber of Commerce number is 09007809.

The financial statements of Akzo Nobel N.V. have been prepared in accordance with Part 9 of Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code, making use of the option of Article 362 of the Code, meaning that the accounting principles used are the same as for the Consolidated financial statements. Foreign currency amounts have been translated, assets and liabilities have been valued, and net income has been determined in accordance with the principles of valuation and determination of income presented in Note 1 of the Consolidated financial statements.

For the Company financial statements, revenue is generated through service contracts with third parties.

Consolidated subsidiaries are all entities (including intermediate subsidiaries) over which the company has control. The company controls an entity when it is exposed, or has rights, to variable returns from its involvement with the subsidiary and has the ability to affect those returns through its power over the subsidiary. Subsidiaries are recognized from the date on which control is transferred to the company or its intermediate holding entities. They are derecognized from the date that control ceases.

The company applies the acquisition method to account for acquiring subsidiaries. The consideration transferred for the acquisition of a subsidiary is the fair value of assets transferred by the company, liabilities incurred to the former owners of the acquiree and the equity interests issued by the company. Identifiable assets acquired and liabilities and contingent liabilities assumed in an acquisition are measured initially at their fair values at the acquisition date, and are subsumed in the net asset value of the investment in consolidated subsidiaries. Acquisition-related costs are expensed as incurred.

Investments in consolidated subsidiaries are measured using the equity method, based on the measurement of assets, provisions and liabilities and determination of profit based on the principles applied in the consolidated financial statements. When an acquisition of an investment in a consolidated subsidiary is achieved in stages, any previously held equity interest is remeasured to fair value on the date of acquisition. The remeasurement against the book value is accounted for in the statement of income. When the company ceases to have control over a subsidiary, any retained interest is remeasured to its fair value, with the change in carrying amount to be accounted for in the statement of income.

When parts of investments in consolidated subsidiaries are bought or sold, and such transaction does not result in the loss of control, the difference between the consideration paid or received and the carrying amount of the net assets acquired or sold, is directly recognized in equity.

The remuneration paragraph is included in Note 26 of the Consolidated financial statements. The number of employees having a contract with the Company at year-end 2022 was 7 (2021: 7). All employees are based in the Netherlands.

Akzo Nobel N.V. is head of the Dutch fiscal unity for corporate income tax. Members of the fiscal unity reflect taxes in their accounts on the basis as if they are taxable on a standalone basis and are charged or credited accordingly by the company.