Biting back to combat disease

Our Coral brand in Brazil has introduced a mosquito-repellent coating which will be a powerful ally in the fight against a noto­rious carrier of dengue fever.

Known as Well-being Protection Anti-Mosquito, the colorless matt varnish contains an active ingredient called permethrin. Its repellent action is specifically designed to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which was largely responsible for dengue cases in Brazil surging 180.5% by November 2022 (versus 2021), according to figures from the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

When a mosquito lands on the new transparent topcoat, the permethrin is absorbed through its feet and over-excites the insect’s nervous system, causing it to disengage or fall off. Permethrin is a well-known repellent and is commonly used in fabrics for mosquito nets and protective clothing.

“Public health is a major issue in countries across the world,” explains Daniel Campos, Director of our Decorative Paints business in . “In Brazil, dengue is a particular problem. We wanted to help people look after their families by offering a breakthrough product which has been proven to give continuous protection against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, 24 hours a day, for up to two years.”

The effectiveness of Well-being Protection Anti-Mosquito was tested in an independent external laboratory, certified by the Brazilian Network of Analytical Laboratories in Health. All the tests took place on painted walls and ceilings in a life-size house environment and successfully proved that mosquitoes were repelled from the room after contact, with the active ingredient being retained in the varnish matrix.

The new product is currently only available in Brazil.

Latin America

Excludes Mexico.