Marine and Protective Coatings

Yacht with Coating (photo)

Our Yacht Coatings business partnered with the Water Revolution Foundation to work together on neutralizing the footprint of the yacht industry while preserving the world’s oceans. The business will share its expert knowledge and insight to help create a more sustainable yacht industry. The code of conduct is made up of ten commitments that will make a real difference in reducing the environmental footprint of the superyacht industry and restoring the world’s oceans. Photography: Bilgin Yachts.

2021 summary

It was a year of transition for our markets following the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. While some countries started to re-open, it was at different speeds around the world. Many economies continued to experience various stages of containment, which was reflected in the activity across our main marine and protective markets. Orders for new ships improved compared with the previous year, albeit from the bottom of the cycle, while the recreational boating market continued to be buoyant. This gives us confidence in the fundamentals of our yacht market. 2020 was a low in terms of oil and gas investment, and although this improved by comparison in 2021, the revival in oil and gas was tempered by a gradual demand side recovery and improving commodity prices.

Although global supply chain disruptions brought different challenges to those we experienced in 2020, demand for our high quality products, services and people expertise remained positive. Our teams worked quickly and effectively to remain proactive and support continuity on our customers’ projects. We continued to work closely with industry partners to find new ways of delivering product and service innovations, which provided both financial and sustainability improvements for our customers, as well as the wider industry.

I’m proud of our teams, who excelled in supporting customers and navigating global supply chain disruptions, while continuing to develop sustainable innovations, contributing to the industry’s net zero ambition.

Jean-Michel GauthierDirector of Marine and Protective Coatings

2021 highlight

We continued to find new ways to support customers and the marine industry’s net zero ambition with the introduction of the most sustainable hull management package yet – Intertrac HullCare. By combining our high-performance coatings with industry-leading cleaning technology, customers can extend dry docking cycles to ten-year intervals, as well as saving up to 34,000 tons in emissions and as much as €4.6 million in fuel per vessel (depending on the vessel size and type).


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Marine and Protective Coatings – Revenue (bar chart)

Key brands

Marine and Protective Coatings – Key brands (logos)

Revenue by destination

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Marine and Protective Coatings – Revenue by destination (pie chart)

Other key developments

  • Celebrated the 140th anniversary of our International brand
  • Introduced Interzone 954GF, which is designed to boost steel asset protection for high impact and high abrasion areas in challenging mining and energy generation projects (including wind)
  • Partnered with 2019 Paint the Future winners Qlayers to enable robotic application for tank exteriors using our International coatings (pictured below)
  • Reduced surface preparation costs and boosted productivity for our fire protection customers in Australia and New Zealand with the qualification of Interchar 3120 for application over black steel
  • Responded to customer demand by introducing Intergard 9700, a range of high durability, solvent-free uni-primers
  • Launched Intergard 5150LWT for navy vessels, which saves up to 25% in weight compared with alternative deck coatings. Also introduced Intershield 6GV, which uses low-solar-absorption technology to help reduce heat loads on steel surfaces and save energy
  • Our Yacht business completed the integration of New Nautical Coatings, which was acquired at the end of 2020. Also launched our new “That feeling” campaign
Green and white Silo with outdoor coating (photo)

Podium finish for ocean racing team

Valuable data about the health of our seas was collected by the AkzoNobel Ocean Racing team as it grabbed a well-deserved podium finish in The Ocean Race Europe.

AkzoNobel Ocean Racing (photo)

Specialized sampling equipment was installed on board the team’s VO65 – one of just three boats to carry the instruments – as part of a project supported by the United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development.

Powered by our International brand, the AkzoNobel boat was one of seven VO65s that sailed from Lorient in France to Genoa in Italy, with stops in Cascais, Portugal, and Alicante, Spain, along the way. Our products were used on all areas of the vessel.