Note 2: Customer value

We work closely with customers to deliver products and solutions that make their businesses more sustainable, while delivering economic value to all parties in the value chain.

By focusing on the benefits we can offer, we continue to have a major influence on the growing acceptance of more sustainable solutions in our various market segments.

This accelerated market penetration also contributes to driving margin growth, which in turn supports our Winning together: 15 by 20 ambition.

To support the commercial success of our sustainable solutions, we translated the contribution of our eco-premium and solutions into clear customer benefits. For example, we have developed the following framework for our decorative paints markets:

  • Doing good – products that promote health and well-being, are longer lasting and have a positive impact on society
  • We care – products with reduced carbon and waste, and that use materials more efficiently

This framework helps to indicate the specific contribution of each product to our customers. Nearly half our decorative paints portfolio can be linked to one of the above-mentioned product-related sustainability benefits.

Open art gallery in the Sanga Funda neighborhood in Cascavel, Brazil (photo)

Residents of the Sanga Funda neighborhood in Cascavel, Brazil, had their lives transformed through the power of paint thanks to a project developed by the Beyond Art association and our Coral brand. Around 25 visual and graffiti artists from different areas of the country helped to create an open art gallery on the walls of various houses.


An eco-performer is a solution offering clear sustainability benefits, but which is overall on a par with the mainstream offer in the market.