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Colleagues from Coral brand in Brazil with young people taking part in our painter training program (photo)

Colleagues from our Coral brand in Brazil teamed up with young people who were taking part in our painter training program in Natal. The initiative is part of our long-standing partnership with Plan International Netherlands.

  • Another year of strong pricing performance helped offset raw material inflation and currency devaluation, leading to improved
  • The Alabastine brand was introduced in the fourth quarter to help lead the development of the pre-deco category in South America
  • In Brazil, we launched the premium Ambiance wall paint product line, which is being positioned as the premium range of solutions for interior design
  • Digital is transforming the way we engage our key stakeholders in Brazil, so an ecosystem of digital solutions was rolled out to support consumers, customers and painters on each step of their journey
  • Our “Let’s Colour” initiative in Brazil celebrated its tenth anniversary. So far, we’ve donated more than one million liters of paint to help revitalize public spaces, preserve heritage and positively impact people’s lives and communities. This represents more than 2,200 projects, the engagement of over 45,000 volunteers and training for more than 45,000 members of local communities
  • Our treatment plant in Mauá (Brazil) is now reusing 95% of its waste water for production. We expect to reach 100% in early 2020. We also reduced CO2 emissions at the site by more than 15,400 tons, thanks to improvements in our water-based trim and woodcare product lines


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