Our results

(set in 2017)


Return on sales (ROS)1

Achieve return on sales (adjusted operating income/ revenue) of 15% by 2020

(set in 2017)


Return on investment (ROI)2

Achieve return on investment (adjusted operating income/ average invested capital) of more than 25% by 2020

(set in 2017)


Eco-premium solutions

Maintain at least 20% of revenue from eco-premium solutions by 2020

2019 performance

1 Excluding unallocated corporate center costs; assumes no significant market disruption.

2 Excluding unallocated corporate center costs and invested capital; assumes no significant market disruption.

CEO statement

Thierry Vanlancker reviews a successful year for the company

We sent a strong message about our ability to achieve our financial ambition

Overview of businesses

A closer look at how we continued to deliver for our customers in 2019

Automotive and Specialty Coatings

Scientists from our Sikkens brand once again worked with technicians at McLaren to develop the dazzling Papaya Spark livery for the team’s MCL34s.

Achievements in 2019

Decorative Paints

We teamed up with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to offer our color expertise and help carry out one of the most innovative conservation projects in the history of art.

Achievements in 2019 Play case study

Industrial Coatings

Our products have been used as part of a landmark project in New York City which is creating a blueprint for the future of sustainable urban living.

Achievements in 2019 Play case study

Marine and Protective Coatings

We provided coatings technology for The Ocean Cleanup’s Interceptor garbage-gathering system, which is designed to extract plastic from rivers and prevent it from reaching the sea.

Achievements in 2019

Powder Coatings

Moscow’s new Rhythmic Gymnastics Center – which has a fluttering ribbon as its roof – gets top marks for featuring our Interpon products.

Achievements in 2019