Note 2: Customer value

Moscow’s new Zaryadye Concert Hall (photo)

It’s a feast for the eyes – and the ears. This is Moscow’s new Zaryadye Concert Hall near Red Square. It features 11,200 liters of our paints and coatings, including our Dulux, Sikkens and Interpon brands.

We pay close attention to the service we deliver to our customers and their perception of it. Having established a clear focus on our Winning together: 15 by 20 strategy, we began to develop and deploy several initiatives to enable our teams to deliver on this. As a focused paints and coatings company, we can target our efforts on bringing the commercial teams onto common platforms in terms of systems, processes and capability development.

This has already been set in motion with the introduction of Integrated Business Planning (IBP), designed to create more clarity across the organization. It’s a company-wide initiative which aims to achieve optimized processes by 2020.

In the future, the implementation of IBP will enable us to unleash even more of our potential and achieve higher customer satisfaction through improved service levels.

A company-wide sales force excellence program is focused on strengthening our sales teams and driving stronger engagement with our customers.

The program – based on a detailed understanding of AkzoNobel’s different ways to go to market – consists of multiple modules. The first core module is focused on increasing the effectiveness of our sales people, helping them to free up time from their daily routines and devote this to customer centric activities. A second key element is targeted at improving the structure of our sales organization so that decision-making becomes faster, the capability of our teams is strengthened and processes run more smoothly. To enable this change, we are further harmonizing our sales incentives, linking them directly to sales activity.

Finally, the program also includes a significant investment in order to deliver a single Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Ultimately, the overall program aims to achieve more customer intimacy and stronger customer relationships.

To help us measure the impact of the program and fully understand how our customers value us, we are designing a single customer satisfaction survey, configured through the go-to-market models we have in place. The initiative will also deliver a better understanding of customer needs to help build improved product offers and solutions to our customers.


We monitor our service reliability in terms of timely delivery to customer premises, aiming to be consistently higher than 95%. In 2018, service performance was 97%.

Delivery Efficiency Index

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Customer value – Delivery Efficiency Index (bar chart)