Managing sustainability

Management accountability

The Executive Committee has responsibility for incorporating the sustainability agenda in the company strategy and monitoring the performance of each business through the Operational Control Cycle.

The Sustainability Council advises the Executive Committee on new developments, performance and the integration of sustainability into management processes.

The council, which meets quarterly, is chaired by the CEO and includes the Chief Corporate Development Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer and representative business and functional directors. The Corporate Director of Sustainability reports to the Executive Committee.

Monitoring progress

We use key indicators to track our progress in delivering on the sustainable business imperatives and drive continuous improvement processes in every function, supported by external benchmarks.

We included sustainability in the personal objectives and incentives of all employees from 2018 onwards, tailored to each employee’s role in the organization and linked to our sustainability value drivers. For employees in operations and supply chain management, objectives are linked to resource productivity. For those in innovation, marketing and sales, they are linked to value selling.