Taking innovation to another dimension

Think paint is just paint? Think again. Our products can already clean the air, withstand extreme heat, reduce fuel consumption and cope with conditions on Mars. Now we’re going even further.

We’ve embarked on a boundary-busting quest to find the newest, coolest, smartest and most revolutionary developments out there. We want to work with visionaries, entrepreneurs and innovators. Why? Because we’re ready to stir things up. We want to combine our global scale, know-how and expertise with the ingenious solutions of startups and scale-ups across the planet.

So we’ve launched the Paint the Future startup challenge. It’s designed to connect us with new disruptive technologies and accelerate innovation in the dynamic world of paints and coatings. It will turn exciting potential into brilliant reality.

“Our passion for paint and innovation goes way back and we’re even more excited about the future,” says AkzoNobel CEO, Thierry Vanlancker. “We want to capture the creative genius that flows from open innovation and paint the future together.”

The challenge is being led by the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Klaas Kruithof. “As a technology-driven paints and coatings company, we’re full of knowledge, know-how and resources that we’re ready to share,” he explains. “We have a clear view of what our customers will need and expect in the future, so we’re actively looking to collaborate with forward-thinking partners and take our innovation in all areas to another dimension. The future’s a blank canvas – this is an exciting opportunity to help us paint it.”

Launched in partnership with KPMG, the annual challenge will give the winners the chance to enter into a joint development agreement with AkzoNobel. It’s focused on five key areas:

  • Smart application
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Circular solutions
  • Life science infusion
  • Predictable performance

Open to early stage tech companies and institutes around the world, the collaborative approach will benefit both sides, with the company committed to working with the winners on sustainable business opportunities.

The finalists will be invited to attend a special awards event in May 2019, when the winners will be announced.

For more information, visit www.letspaintthefuture.com

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