Decorative Paints South America

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  • Strong pricing initiatives helped offset raw material inflation and currency devaluation. Product mix was also positive, driven by commercial and product innovation
  • Brazil delivered volume growth in premium wall paints for the second year in a row, while market segment contracted
  • Commercial initiatives continued driving the topline. In Brazil, distributors reached an additional 4,000 stores and category management drove shopping experience improvement in more than 200 stores
  • Successful launch of our roller tester in Brazil, the first market outside Europe to introduce the product. Coral Teste Fácil is available in 240 different colors, with more than 700 points of sale being activated and about 600,000 units sold
  • Brazil’s Coral brand introduced Renova as a new premium wall paint range, inspired by the Dulux Valentine Crème de Couleur range in France. Both products are designed to help consumers make confident color choices and transform their homes with ease
  • “Balance technology” concept roll-out drove conversion to water-based trim and woodcare products across the region, representing savings of 14,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere
  • In Argentina, our Cetol woodcare brand sponsored the book Extreme Wood, which brings together 32 Argentine studies of wood in architecture protected against extreme weather by Cetol and sustainable balance technology
  • Our wastewater treatment plant in Mauá, Brazil (inaugurated in 2017), is already reusing 50% water, and aims to reuse 100% water by 2020
  • Supported the Mais Vida nos Morros initiative in Recife through local “Let’s Colour” initiatives. About 20,000 liters of donated paint transformed the homes and communities of around 200 families in Beberibe, Sitio São Brás and Vasco da Gama


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