Automotive and Specialty Coatings

AkzoNobel Modern Classikk can in front of a rusty car (photo)
  • Strong performance, despite higher raw material prices, with positive price/mix more than offsetting lower volumes
  • Solidified our leading position in aerospace with several key customer wins
  • Successfully launched a new e-commerce platform in the US for vehicle refinishes, including the introduction of our bespoke Modern Classikk range
  • Celebrated the 160th birthday of our Lesonal premium vehicle refinishes brand. Also successfully launched the Wanda vehicle refinishes range in several new European markets, and Wanda’s sustainable product range in our China and Asian markets
  • A new digital color matching tool was launched, combining our Automatchic hand-held spectrophotometer and MIXIT digital color retrieval system
  • Continued our long-standing partnership with McLaren, developing the stunning Papaya Spark color used on their Formula 1 racing cars
  • Received the Best Performer award from Airbus, recognizing our value as supplier and partner of choice
  • Bodyshops around the world started adopting Carbeat, which enables the next level of digital transformation in vehicle refinishes
  • Launched Intura, our newest range of aircraft cabin coatings
  • Marked the 50th anniversary of our Alumigrip aerospace coatings brand
  • Successfully developed an imitation glass and gradient coating solution for consumer electronics customers
  • Shared our aerospace customers’ passion for paint on unique liveries and designs, including special aircraft to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Iceland’s independence and sovereignty
  • Proudly supplied aerospace coatings to the Mirpuri Foundation and Hi Fly for their latest high profile aircraft, campaigning to save the world’s coral reefs

Some of our customers

  • Airbus
  • Allianz
  • BBG
  • Boeing
  • Dell
  • General Motors
  • Gold Coast Marine
  • HP
  • Leonardo
  • Plastic Omnium
  • Samsung


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Automotive and Specialty Coatings – Key brands (logos)

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