Our results at a glance

Creating two focused, high performing businesses:

  • Separation of Specialty Chemicals on track for April 2018; Specialty Chemicals business now reported as discontinued operations
  • Revenue, including discontinued operations, up 3% (up 4% excluding currency impact) at €14,575 million
  • EBIT, including discontinued operations, up 2% to €1,525 million
  • Operating income, including discontinued operations, at €1,396 million includes identified items of €129 million mainly related to the transformation of AkzoNobel, including the separation of Specialty Chemicals
  • 2020 financial guidance* reconfirmed: Paints and Coatings ROS 15%, ROI >25%; Specialty Chemicals ROS 16%, ROI >20%

Full year: AkzoNobel

  • Net income attributable to shareholders at €832 million (2016: €970 million)
  • Total dividend proposed for 2017 up 52% to €2.50 per share (2016: €1.65)
  • Special cash dividend of €4.00 per share paid in December 2017 as advance proceeds related to the separation of Specialty Chemicals
  • Net cash inflow from operating activities at €969 million (2016: €1,291 million)


AkzoNobel – Revenue (bar chart)AkzoNobel – Revenue (bar chart)


AkzoNobel – EBIT (bar chart)AkzoNobel – EBIT (bar chart)

Return on sales

AkzoNobel – Return on sales (bar chart)AkzoNobel – Return on sales (bar chart)

Return on investment

AkzoNobel – Return on investment (bar chart)AkzoNobel – Return on investment (bar chart)

Discontinued operations and held for sale
As from December 22, 2017, the Specialty Chemicals business is classified as held for sale and discontinued operations, therefore the consolidated statement of income for 2017, as well as for 2016, have been represented to show the results of the Specialty Chemicals business as discontinued.

The Specialty Chemicals business consists of the Specialty Chemicals Business Area and certain other assets and liabilities and income and expenses which are directly attributed to the Specialty Chemicals business from the Other activities.

* Excluding unallocated corporate center costs and invested capital; assumes no significant market disruption