Value selling

We work closely with customers to deliver solutions that will make their business more sustainable, while delivering economic value to all parties in the chain. We are assessing our entire product range in sustainability terms to help customers make choices that deliver competitive advantage and also benefit society.

Sustainable product portfolios

We constantly assess and reshape our product portfolio to drive innovation and offer competitive advantage to customers. Transparent monitoring of margin by product category guides business decision-making.

We assess the full range of products and are collaborating with industry peers to develop a standardized categorization methodology.

Our portfolio approach promotes the use of safer and more sustainable products. We take action to manage harmful substances in advance of legislation, future-proofing our products against changes in regulations. We have set ourselves stretching targets for the amount of revenue and margin growth that should come from solutions with a sustainability benefit for our customers, versus the mainstream product solutions in the market.

Product portfolio assessment

Sustainability statements – Product portfolio assessment (illustration)