Compliance and integrity management

Integrity is one of our core principles. We are committed to conducting business in a lawful, fair and honest way and expect the same from our business partners. We have a robust com-pliance program which is focused on the risks most material to the company and its stakeholders.

Compliance framework

Compliance and integrity management – Compliance framework (graphic)

In 2015, a multi-year compliance strategy was introduced. As a first step, we launched a new and a , as well as relaunching our SpeakUp! grievance mechanism. In 2016, we enhanced the compliance organization by establishing more expert roles and appointing dedicated compliance and privacy managers and export control officers. We also strengthened our export control framework and developed a human rights program. In 2017, we introduced a business partner compliance program, conducted human rights due diligence and implemented a standardized process for privacy impact assessments on high risk personal data processing activities. Along the way, we further strengthened our integrity culture and enhanced the use of technology to support our compliance processes.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines our core principles and how we work. It incorporates fundamental principles on issues such as business integrity, labor relations, human rights, health, safety, environment and security and community involvement.

Business Partner Code of Conduct

Explains what we stand for as a company, what we value and how we run our business. It brings our core principles of safety, integrity and sustainability to life and shows what they mean in practice.