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Proposal for profit allocation

With due observance of Dutch law and the Articles of Association, it is proposed that net income of €200 million is carried to the other reserves. Furthermore, with due observance of article 43, paragraph 7, it is proposed that dividend on priority shares of €1,152 and on common shares of €632 million (to be increased by dividend on shares issued in 2018 before the ex-dividend date) will be distributed. Following the acceptance of this proposal, the holders of common shares will receive a dividend of €2.50 per share, of which €0.56 was paid earlier as an interim dividend. The final dividend of €1.94 per share (which under the conditions to be published by the company and at the shareholders’ election will be paid either in cash or in stock) will be made available from May 25, 2018.


Amsterdam, March 7, 2018

The Board of Management

Thierry Vanlancker
Maarten de Vries

The Supervisory Board

Antony Burgmans
Peggy Bruzelius
Sue Clark
Byron Grote
Louis Hughes
Michiel Jaski
Pamela Kirby
Dick Sluimers
Patrick Thomas
Ben Verwaayen