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The Circular economy

The circular economy is increasingly being talked about as a possible alternative to today’s unsustainable and linear (take-make-dispose) consumption patterns. Its potential is such that AkzoNobel has embraced the concepts of the circular economy in its Planet Possible agenda. Business leaders around the globe are also paying more attention to the circular economy and consider it to be an important way of increasing growth and pro tability in line with sustainable development. Many of these leaders gathered in Paris in December 2015 at the sustainable innovation forum (SIF15), which took place alongside the historic COP21 climate summit. The event provided an [...]

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Consolidated Sustainability statements

[...] 20 22 Operational eco-efficiency footprint measure (% reduction from 2009) 15-20 13 24 24 23 30 40 (2017) Planet Possible In order to secure our own business success – and that of our customers – we have to create more value from fewer resources. To help us achieve this, we have adopted an agenda called Planet Possible, which is our commitment to doing more with less. We believe the planet can support nine billion people by 2050, but only if we take the right approach and understand the changes that will be needed. So we’re looking to engage with partners across the entire value chain as well as specialist partners who believe in our agenda and have the same [...]

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Note 6: Capable, engaged people

[...] for example in Procurement and Human Resources. We continued to drive employee engagement through our Planet Possible sustainability agenda. A webinar was held for all employees to understand more about our number one position on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. The Business Areas also have their own programs. For example, our Decorative Paints business has progressed with its two-year engagement plan, where the focus is on the key global priorities for driving our sustainability ambitions. Employees are also actively involved at their work locations through local Green Teams and community activities around the world. More information about our employee KPIs and [...]

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Note 1: Managing our sustainability agenda

[...] efficiency and circular thinking. We express our sustainability agenda through a concept known as Planet Possible, which highlights our commitment to creating more value from fewer resources across the value chain. Planet Possible encompasses all our programs to make our products and operations more sustainable. As well as driving our own success, putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do means that our customers and employees – not to mention our planet – will also benefit. For more details, see the Strategic performance section of this Report 2015. Our strategy has three sustainability focus areas designed to deliver more value from fewer [...]

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Value chain management

[...] excellence processes Including sustainability in marketing propositions is an essential aspect of our Planet Possible agenda. We are developing environmental product declarations (EPDs) for some products as part of our marketing activity. Investment decisions All our major investment proposals (more than €5 million) require a sustainability evaluation alongside the financial case. This includes assessments at different stages in the project development. At the point of application for capital, the requirements include an eco-efficiency assessment, as well as a full review of health and safety, process and product safety, natural resource/raw material requirements [...]

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[...] of, the company’s Human Cities initiative. We are also fully in line with, and actively promote, the Planet Possible sustainability agenda. Sustainability We are recognized around the world for our commitment to sustainability, which is a key driver in all our plans to win locally as part of the overall AkzoNobel Planet Possible agenda. This recognition is based on a very strong product portfolio from a sustainability perspective. In China, for example, PCHouse (the number one vertical website) has indicated that our “non-additive” products are ranked by Chinese consumers as the most preferred paint products. However, this recognition also goes beyond [...]

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Note 3: Stakeholder engagement

Our approach The aim of our ongoing stakeholder engagement is to learn from key financial, social and environmental stakeholder groups and, in collaboration, to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Our Planet Possible agenda is not only designed to help drive innovation and enable us to become radically resource efficient, it’s also intended to inspire employees, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders to work together with us in achieving this. Reaching out to all our stakeholders in ongoing conversations is vital to achieving our goals and to further developing our long-term vision and [...]

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[...] supporting our platforms as appropriate. This approach has a major sustainability focus, in line with our Planet Possible agenda. Product innovation. In our Surfactants platform, examples of successful recent innovations include improved agricultural adjuvants that enhance the effectiveness of crop protection, delivering customer value by reducing the amounts required and offering improved eco-profiles Process innovation. In our Salt-Chlorine chain platform, an example of process improvements we are pursuing can be seen in our MCA business, where we have carried out significant de-bottlenecking. This resulted in better product quality and reduced energy consumption [...]

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Strategic focus areas

[...] now been ranked in the top three in our sector for the last decade. We also continue to implement our Planet Possible sustainability agenda, focusing on radical resource efficiency throughout our entire value chain. This strategy is based on three main pillars: Sustainable business We work together with our value chain partners to develop leading solutions that create more value from fewer resources. In particular, we focus on developing and marketing solutions that deliver environmental or social benefits for our customers when compared with competitive products, as well as generating revenue for the business. We call these products eco-premium solutions with [...]

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CEO statement

[...] our belief that sustainability is fundamental to our business strategy. It also shows the value of our Planet Possible approach to resource efficiency. A key development was the agreement to buy sustainably generated steam from Dutch energy provider Eneco at our Delfzijl site. It will help reduce our CO2 emissions by over 100,000 tons a year. After launching in 2014, our global Human Cities initiative continued to progress. Designed to help cities adapt to rapid urbanization, we’re using our key strengths – essential ingredients, essential protection and essential color – to energize, inspire and sustain communities for generations to come. During 2015, we [...]

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