Sustainability Council

The Executive Committee has established a Sustainability Council to advise on sustainability developments. The council monitors the integration of sustainability into management processes and oversees the company’s sustainability targets and overall sustainability performance. The council is chaired by the CEO and includes members of the Executive Committee, Managing Directors from our businesses and Corporate Directors of Strategy, Human Resources, Sustainability and , Integrated Supply Chain/Research, Development and Innovation, Procurement, and Communications.

Progress regarding sustainability objectives, development, target-setting and implementation is reviewed quarterly by the Executive Committee, semi-annually by the Supervisory Board, and is verified annually by KPMG Sustainability (part of KPMG Advisory N.V.). The Audit Committee takes an active role in assessing the quality and reliability of sustainability performance reporting. Our sustainability framework is further explained in the Sustainability statements.

Corporate Compliance Committee

The company has a Compliance Committee to support the Executive Committee with its responsibility in assuring and managing compliance, and with its reporting to the Supervisory Board. The Corporate Compliance Committee systematically identifies material compliance risks, assists in assurance of compliance with laws, regulations and ethical standards, monitors compliance and reports findings and recommendations to the Executive Committee. The Corporate Compliance Committee consists of the General Counsel (chair), Corporate Secretary, and Corporate Directors of Internal Audit, Control, Compliance, Human Resources (HR) and Sustainability and HSE. Other members may be added to the Committee at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

AkzoNobel has a company-wide compliance monitoring tool in place to discuss and monitor progress with respect to compliance-related issues. More detail on the compliance and integrity management system, including the so-called Non-financial letter of representation process, is available in the Compliance and integrity management chapter.

Executive Committee Pensions

The Executive Committee Pensions oversees the general pension policies of the various pension plans of the company and their financial consequences for the company. The committee is chaired by the CFO and includes the Executive Committee member responsible for HR, the General Counsel, the Treasury function, and Rewards.


Health, safety and environment.