Decorative Paints – Overview

  • In Q2, volumes were up 3 percent compared with the previous year
  • Revenue down 9 percent due to divestments and adverse currency effects
  • Price/mix effect largely driven by the sale of the German stores
  • Operating income flat, ROS at 9.5 percent (2013: 8.7 percent)

Volumes for the quarter were up in Asia and most European countries. Revenue declined 9 percent compared with 2013, due to the divestment of Building Adhesives and a 5 percent adverse currency effect. Operating income was at the same level as the previous year. Excluding the effect of divestments and adverse currency developments, operating income improved due to restructuring activities in Europe and improved margins.

Revenue development Q2 2014

Decorative Paints – Revenue development Q2 2014 (bar chart)Decorative Paints – Revenue development Q2 2014 (bar chart)