Note 15: Energy

Energy use

Energy is important for all our operations, especially some of our Specialty Chemicals businesses, because they use energy as a major raw material for their products. Energy efficiency and carbon efficient energy use are therefore important metrics for our operations.

Energy use
in 1000 TJ

Energy use, in 1000 TJ (bar chart)Energy use, in 1000 TJ (bar chart)

Energy use is the sum of fuels, electricity, steam, hot water and other utilities (expressed as fuel equivalents).

Energy use per Business Area






In 1000 TJ





Decorative Paints





Performance Coatings





Specialty Chemicals





  • Energy use per ton of production increased slightly to 5.7 GJ/ton. Absolute energy use was down 1 percent to 98,000 TJ, both in line with a change in product mix
  • The total cost of energy in our production was about €0.7 billion
  • More details about energy sources can be found in Note 5 and on our website

We use energy scans to increase awareness and identify savings opportunities in all our businesses. During 2014, this resulted in many energy improvement projects, for example:

  • As a result of the energy scan at Ningbo in China, a series of energy improvement projects delivered annual savings of 155 TJ and more than €3 million
  • A program to optimize spray dryers in Functional Chemicals resulted in annual savings of 23 TJ and more than €400,000, with an investment of less than €400,000
  • In Rotterdam (Industrial Chemicals), an evaporator is being rebuilt, resulting in a 5 percent energy reduction
  • For 15 production locations, the compressed air system was checked for leakages, resulting in annual savings of €300,000 at €50,000 cost
  • Decorative Paints carried out energy scans at three of its sites. These scans identified a total of 55 energy saving opportunities (more than ten are already being implemented), as well as highlighting opportunities to make average reductions in energy use of 20 percent
  • In Malmö, Sweden, the heating system was changed from gas heating to district heating, resulting in an energy saving of more than 10 percent
  • A metering system for energy was installed in Felling in the UK and was used, for example, to optimize the compressors. The identified improvements resulted in an annual saving of more than €150,000, at an investment of less than €50,000