Connecting people and the planet

Traveling within and between cities has come a long way since the days of the horse and cart and spending months at sea. We live in an age of hi-tech transportation hubs, which play a crucial role in ensuring the fast and efficient movement of goods and people.

With the world’s population continuing to grow and our cities expanding at a rapid rate, maintaining safe, efficient and sustainable transport links and embedding them into city infrastructure is becoming ever more important. Because effective transportation systems don’t just keep people properly connected, they can also make or break a city, depending on how well they function.

AkzoNobel has a proud track record of supplying major transportation projects all over the world. From airports in Hong Kong, London and Brazil to metro systems in Dubai and Shanghai, our products and expertise are being used to meet the tough demands of getting people and cargo from place to place.

To help keep these transportation hubs safe and comfortable, we supply a wide range of high performance products, such as fire protection coatings and decorative paints. Our contribution doesn’t stop at buildings and installations, however. We’re also a leading supplier of coatings for planes, high speed trains, rapid bus transport and metro cars. Our durable powder coatings, for example, are used on the inside and outside of trains and metro vehicles, while our high quality vehicle refinishes are applied to trains.

Whatever the type of surface, our key focus is to keep our cities moving and make transport safer, better protected, more sustainable, better looking and more affordable for everyone.