Industrial Chemicals key developments 2014

  • Revenue was 5 percent below 2013 due to lower prices and volumes, reflecting the tough economic conditions in our main markets in Europe
  • Chlor-alkali was heavily impacted by a drop in caustic lye prices
  • We started a joint investigation with Evonik into converting our Ibbenbüren site in Germany to membrane technology
  • Salt continued its solid performance, benefiting from clear technology and market leadership positions
  • MCA delivered to expectations, making use of the expanded Taixing plant in China. To further strengthen our leading position globally and in China, a pre-project was launched to establish a second MCA plant in north east China, with a capacity of 50 kilotons
  • Ecosel AsphaltProtection – an additive for de-icing salt which reduces development of frost damage to roads and makes driving safer – was launched commercially
  • Major effort was also put into reducing the use of natural resources and improving the carbon footprint

Chemical platform

Salt-chlorine chain

Some of our customers

  • Bayer
  • Huntsman
  • Shin-Etsu

Top raw materials

  • Fuels (for cogeneration)
  • Power
  • Acetic acid

Key cost drivers

  • Oil, gas and coal prices
  • Methanol prices