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Outlook and 2015 targets

As communicated in Q1, the economic environment remains challenging and we do not expect an early improvement in the trends in our end-user market segments. We expect to increase restructuring charges in the second half by €120 million to around €325 million to secure the delivery of our 2015 targets. This means that our full year operating income is unlikely to exceed the €908 million of 2012. The acceleration of our performance improvement program and the strategic priorities announced in February are the right focus to have in these markets:

  • Achieve ROI% at 14.0 percent by 2015.
  • Achieve ROS% at 9.0 percent by 2015.
  • Maintain net debt/EBITDA lower than 2.0 by 2015.
  • Increase revenue from downstream eco-premium solutions to 20 percent of our revenues in 2020.
  • Reduce our carbon emissions through the value chain by 25 to 30 percent per ton by 2020 (base 2012).
  • Improve resource efficiency across the full value chain.
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