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Specialty Chemicals – Overview

  • Revenue down 11 percent, due to lower volumes and the Chemicals Pakistan divestment
  • Operating income down 29 percent to €99 million, due to unfavorable market conditions and production issues in the value chain
  • Surface Chemistry exited the merchant fatty acids business in China
  • Performance improvement programs accelerated in all businesses

Revenue in Specialty Chemicals was 11 percent lower due to divestments and lower volumes, mainly in construction related products and the pulp bleaching and plastics industries. The slow start to the year for the seasonal segments such as agriculture, due to the cold weather, and the exit from the merchant fatty acids business in Boxing, China, also contributed to the volume decline. Profitability was impacted by production stops and reductions in volume.

Revenue development Q1 2013

Specialty Chemicals – Revenue development Q1 2013 (bar chart)
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