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Our results at a glance

  • Revenue down 7 percent due to weak demand in Europe and divestments
  • Operating income at €217 million (2012: €236 million) as weaker end markets and production issues in the Specialty Chemicals value chain impacted results
  • Cash from operating activities improved €298 million, mainly due to lower pension payments
  • Net income attributable to shareholders €89 million (2012: €84 million)
  • Adjusted EPS €0.51 (2012: €0.65)
  • Divestment of Decorative Paints North America completed on April 1, 2013
  • Strategic focus announced in February addresses the need for performance improvement in challenging market conditions

AkzoNobel around the world
Revenue by destination

(44 percent in high growth markets)

AkzoNobel around the world – Revenue by destination (pie chart)
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