Core principles and values

Everyone at AkzoNobel is central to our strategy and its implementation. To enable the successful roll-out of our strategic agenda and, in turn, the achievement of our vision, we must be clear not only about what we will do, but also how we will do it. Through a process that involved individuals from across the company, we defined the following:

Core principles

There are certain behaviors that we expect from all our employees under all circumstances. We call these non-negotiable behaviors, or core principles. We have defined three – Safety, Integrity and Sustainability.


  • Customer focused – we build successful partnerships with our customers
  • Deliver on commitments – we do what we say we will do
  • Passion for excellence – we strive to be the best in everything we do, every day
  • Winning together – we develop, share and use our personal strengths to win as a team

These principles and values have now been translated into 26 languages and we have defined a set of behavioral dos and don’ts so that all our employees around the world will understand what we expect from them. We are in the process of embedding these core principles and values into all of our processes, beginning with talent management.

Core principles (graphic)