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Strategy and targets

In 2013, we announced a new vision, targets and strategy. Since then, it has been fine-tuned and cascaded throughout the company. Key enablers such as aligned core principles and values have now been developed.

Vision: Leading market positions delivering leading performance (graphic)

Our strategic targets

  • Return on sales
    Achieve return on sales (operating income/revenue) of 9 percent by 2015
  • Return on investment
    Achieve return on investment (operating income/ average invested capital) of 14 percent by 2015
  • Net debt/EBITDA
    Maintain net debt/EBITDA lower than 2.0 by 2015
  • Resource efficiency
    Improve resource efficiency across the full value chain
  • Carbon emissions
    Reduce our carbon emissions across the value chain by 25 to 30 percent per ton by 2020 (2012 base)
  • Eco-premium solutions
    Increase revenue from downstream eco-premium solutions to 20 percent of our revenues by 2020

Planet Possible

We are fully aware that our future hinges on our ability to do radically more while using less. So in order to secure our own business success – and that of our customers – we have to create more value from fewer resources.

Some people think the planet won’t be able to support nine billion people by 2050. But we do. Which is why we’ve adopted a sustainability approach geared towards accelerating the pace of our commitment.

We are looking to proactively engage with partners who fully support our Planet Possible strategy and want to better understand the changes that will be required in our market segments in order to open up infinite possibilities in a finite world.

Because at AkzoNobel, we firmly believe that the planet being limited by resources doesn’t mean our ambition and imagination have to be restricted as well. So we are committed to finding opportunities where there don’t appear to be any.

Welcome to Planet Possible

Planet Possible (logo)