A different class of product

A different class of product (photo)

As part of our ongoing efforts to supply more sustainable products to customers, we are increasingly steering our innovation towards the development of what we call eco- premium solutions (EPS). We define these as products that offer a significant sustainability advantage compared with the most commonly available equivalent commercial products.

One such example is our crystal metallic UV topcoats – supplied by our Wood Finishes and Adhesives business – which are used to coat panels for a variety of commercial applications, including schools, airports and restaurants. Not only does the product meet our criteria for qualifying as an EPS (see Note 4 of the Sustainability statements), but it’s also an example of an EPS with direct downstream benefits.

The advantages of the product can be highlighted by customer James Hardie, who used the 100 percent UV system to replace a competitor’s 2K isocyanate coating which had a VOC content of more than 60 percent.

Not only does the coatings system we provided contain zero VOCs, but it is also non-flammable and significantly more durable for chemical and abrasion resistance. In addition, our customer was also able to cut their solvent emissions by more than 50 percent, reduce their handling of isocyanate, slash their reject rates from 12 percent to 0.2 percent and achieve an increase in their productivity with an instant cure UV process, more than offsetting the energy increase of UV curing in comparison to air drying.

Looking ahead, we have a clear 2020 target to achieve 20 percent of revenue from products and services that provide customers and consumers with a significant sustainability advantage.