How Specialty Chemicals creates value

We are a major producer of specialty chemicals, supplying key products to business to business customers in all four of our end-user segments.

We utilize inherently high energy processes and focus strongly on reducing carbon footprint and energy use, while saving costs in our own operations. Developing close relationships with our customers – and helping them to create value – is key to our ongoing success, along with efficient processes, an increased focus on eco-premium solutions and renewable energy and a high level of innovation.

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Total energy use

92,000 TJ

We continue to improve efficiency by reducing our energy use per ton of production, and are working towards improving our share of renewable energy.

Raw materials and packaging

We continue to work towards raw material efficiency and the use of renewable raw materials.

Our organization (map)
Asset value (graphic)

Asset value

The value of our assets is €4.4 billion. We invested €346 million in 2013 to keep our facilities in good shape, as well as expanding our manufacturing capability. We continue to improve process and product safety.

Human value (graphic)

Human value



Total reportable rate of injuries


Employee engagement score (1-5 scale)


Employee safety is a key priority and we are actively driving towards a reduction in the number of incidents. We highly value, and actively work on, improving employee engagement. We’re investing in training and development and continue to work on a more diverse workforce.

Environmental value (graphic)

Environmental value

Cradle-to-grave CO2(e) emissions including VOCs

9.4 million tons

Own operations CO2(e) emissions

3.5 million tons

Total waste

64 kilotons

We continue to improve the environmental footprint of our operations by focusing on operational eco-efficiency.

Intellectual value (graphic)

Innovation value

RD&I investments have resulted in 16% of revenue derived from eco–premium solutions with customer benefits.

Functional Chemicals (graphic)

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Industrial Chemicals (graphic)

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Surface Chemistry (graphic)

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Output (map)

Customer value

In 2013 we sold products to many thousands of customers. We continue to improve our customer focus and develop products and solutions that help them to be successful in their markets.


Financial value


€4,949 million

Operating income

€297 million

including €139 million impairment on a business held for sale

Specialty Chemicals – Revenue per end-user segment (bar chart)

Excluding the impairment of €139 million, ROS% is 8.8 percent and ROI% is 12.1 percent. We are on track to achieve our 2015 targets.

Community value

We participate in community programs, education programs and local sponsorships.