Industrial Coatings

  • Revenue declined 3 percent, due to adverse currencies, while overall volumes also declined, with growth in Coil more than offset by declines in Packaging and Wood
  • Performance improvements in Wood Finishes and Adhesives and Coil and Extrusion Coatings were offset by increased restructuring costs
  • Streamlining of our coil coatings manufacturing footprint in Europe was announced involving the transfer of production to sites in Russia, Sweden and Germany
  • We continued to achieve growth in our high growth markets, with Coil Coatings and Packaging Coatings benefiting in Asia in particular
  • We added capacity for Packaging Coatings in India and a new resin reactor in Songjiang, China, where we are also establishing a new Industrial Coatings RD&I center
  • In Packaging Coatings, we are well positioned in leading the industry to move away from bisphenol A-based epoxy coatings

Top raw materials

  • Polyester and epoxy resins
  • Glycol, ether and aromatic solvents
  • Titanium dioxide

Key cost drivers

  • Basic feedstock prices
  • Oil/gasoline/naphtha/natural gas prices

Some of our customers

  • IKEA
  • Blue Scope Steel
  • Arcelor Mittal
  • TATA
  • Crown
  • Rexam
  • Ball

Revenue in € millions

Performance Coatings Industrial – Revenue in € millions (bar chart)

Geo-mix revenue by destination in %

Performance Coatings Industrial – Geo-mix revenue by destination in % (pie chart)

Key brands

Performance Coatings Industrial – Key brands (logos)