How we create value

As the leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals, we know only too well that our future hinges on our ability to create value by doing more with less.

More innovation, less traditional solutions; more renewable energy and materials, less fossil-based; more value chain focus while improving our financial performance; more investment in talent and career planning.

By bringing more value to our customers, investors, employees and society in general, we can better position ourselves for growth and achieve our strategic vision of leading market positions delivering leading performance.

So as well as actively working to reduce our carbon footprint across the value chain, we’re also creating social value by developing our employees and generating intellectual value by continuing to innovate in order to supply more sustainable products and solutions for our customers. This will ultimately lead to more financial value for our investors.

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Input (map)
Energy (graphic)


Total energy use

99,000 TJ

or 5.6 GJ per ton of production

Total energy bill

€0.6 billion

We continue to improve our energy efficiency and increase our share of renewable energy, which is currently at 31 percent.

Raw materials (graphic)

Raw materials and packaging

Cost of raw materials and packaging

€5.4 billion

Upstream CO2 emis­sions including VOCs

11 million tons

Fresh water consumption

265 million m3

or 14.9 m3 per ton of production

We value our supplier relationships. Around 96 percent have signed our Vendor Policy, which helps to ensure a sustainable supply chain. Renewable raw materials are now 13 percent of the organic (fossil-based) materials that we buy. An increase will lower our dependence on fossil-based resources.

Our organization (map)
Asset value (graphic)

Asset value

Capital expenditure

€666 million

Value of all assets


The value of our assets is €16.1 billion. We invested €666 million in 2013 to keep our facilities in good shape, as well as expanding our manufacturing capability. We continue to improve process and product safety.

Human value (graphic)

Human value

Employee engagement score (1-5 scale)


Employee benefits

€3.0 billion



Employee safety is a key priority and we are actively driving towards a reduction in the number of incidents. We highly value, and actively work on, improving employee engagement. We’re investing in training and development and continue to work on a more diverse workforce.

Environmental value (graphic)

Environmental value

Own operations CO2(e) emissions

3.9 million tons

Total waste

161 kilotons


of sites with sustainable fresh water management

Downstream CO2(e) emissions including VOCs

12 million tons

We continue to improve the environmental footprint of our operations by focusing on operational eco-efficiency.

Intellectual value (graphic)

Innovation value

RD&I investments

€373 million

Innovation is vital for our current and future success. Currently, 18 percent of our revenue is derived from eco-premium solutions with customer benefits. We continue to work towards sustainable solutions that our customers expect from us.

Decorative Paints (graphic)

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Performance Coatings (graphic)

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Specialty Chemicals (graphic)

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Output (graphic)

Customer value

In 2013 we sold products to many thousands of customers. We continue to improve our customer focus and develop products and solutions that help them to be successful in their markets.


Financial value


€14.6 billion

Operating income

€958 million

With a ROS% of 6.6 percent, we are making progress towards achieving our 9 percent target for 2015, and with our ROI% of 9.6 percent, we are progressing towards our 14 percent target for 2015.

Community value

We contributed €1.0 million to community programs, 2,000 employees volunteered, and six million lives improved via our “Let’s Colour” program. We also paid €230 million in taxes.

Buildings and Infrastructure (graphic)

Buildings and Infrastructure is our largest end-user segment, with €6.4 billion of revenue.

Transportation (graphic)

The Transportation end-user segment is generating €2.4 billion of revenue.

Consumer Goods (graphic)

The Consumer Goods end- user segment is generating €2.3 billion of revenue.

Industrial (graphic)

The Industrial end-user segment is generating €3.5 billion of revenue.