A brief timeline

More than 350 years of history and innovation

We’ve been at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation and have been supplying trusted brands and products for over three centuries.

The name AkzoNobel hasn’t been around as long as that, only since the late 20th century in fact, but the history of our company can be traced all the way back to 1646.

And it’s a heritage we’re extremely proud of, not least because one of our founding fathers was Alfred Nobel (pictured), of Nobel Prize fame. His industrial legacy became part of Nobel Industries in Sweden, which merged with Dutch company Akzo in 1994 to create Akzo Nobel. Then, following the acquisition of ICI in 2008, a major rebranding resulted in a subtle change to the AkzoNobel name we use today.

It’s been an exciting journey, full of pioneering developments and breakthrough research. And it’s a journey which is entering a new age of discovery as we continue to introduce revolutionary and sustainable technologies to meet the growing demands of our fast-changing world.

1646 (year)

Bofors forge founded in Sweden

1871 (year)

KemaNobel established in Sweden. Later, in 1984, KemaNobel merged with Bofors to form Nobel Industries, which in turn was acquired by Akzo in 1994 to create Akzo Nobel

1895 (year)

Alfred Nobel founded Elektrokemiska Aktiebolaget, known as Eka. Today, Eka is part of our Pulp and Performance Chemicals business

1969 (year)

Akzo formed following the merger of Dutch companies AKU and KZO

1998 (year)

UK company Courtaulds, whose products include hi-tech industrial coatings, acquired by Akzo Nobel

2008 (year)

Akzo Nobel acquired ICI and changed its name to AkzoNobel

2013 (year)

New strategy launched focused on leading market positions delivering leading performance

Alfred Nobel