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Note 5: Process safety

We continue to use “loss of primary containment’’ as our main indicator of asset integrity/process safety performance at our manufacturing sites.

Loss of containment incidents are divided into four categories depending on severity.

Comparing 2012 with 2011, no significant change in the loss of containment figures can be observed, apart from a downward trend in Level C and D incidents. We expect several Common Platform projects which began in 2012 (Process Safety Management, embedding the Self-Assessment Questionnaire) to offer significant help in achieving the process safety performance goals set in the Common Platform Agenda 2011–2015.

Process safety management

An integrated approach to process safety management was developed during the year for all manufacturing operations, from low to high hazard sites. This resulted in a Process Safety Management Framework, which describes the process safety management elements in a uniform manner, uniting production, maintenance and engineering disciplines. In parallel with this policy, a new set of Process Safety Management Standards and Guidance Notes have been developed, which describe the AkzoNobel requirements and best practices for process safety management.

The project will be aligned with process safety improvement initiatives to ensure an integrated approach, share best practices and engage with local sites across our businesses.

Self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ)

A project has been launched to reposition the HSE annual self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) as the company-wide HSE improvement planning tool. Specific focus was put on high hazard sites to ensure they achieve reference level in all process safety elements. These reference levels are defined in the company’s HSE management system and are set to achieve the level of top quartile safety performance. Currently, 52 percent of high hazard sites have achieved reference level.

A dedicated emphasis program has been rolled out to support sites facing difficulties in achieving these high ambitions. Follow-up and dedicated management attention and professional support are given to these sites to bring them to the desired performance level.

Loss of containment incidents

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