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Note 14: Energy

Energy use

Energy is a major raw material for some of our Specialty Chemicals businesses, so energy efficiency and carbon efficient energy use are important metrics for these operations.

  • Energy use per ton of production is stable at 5.7 GJ/ton (2011: 5.7 GJ/ton). Absolute energy use was down 1 percent at 106,000 TJ (2011: 107,000 TJ) in line with lower production volumes. The total costs of energy used in our production is about €0.6 billion
  • More details about energy use per region and energy source can be found on our website

Energy use
in 1000*TJ

Energy use in 1000*TJ (bar chart)

Energy use is the sum of fuels, electricity, steam, hot water and other utilities expressed as fuel equivalents.

Energy reduction for the other sites is supported via a site Energy Diagnostics Methodology. Many production sites have identified improvement projects for energy savings which are being implemented, including Houston and Morris in the US and Stockvik in Sweden.

Renewable energy

In 2012, a renewable energy strategy was developed. The strategy is based on three pillars:

  • Protect what we have — current share of renewable energy about 33 percent
  • Participate in cost-attractive large energy ventures
  • Explore commercially feasible on-site renewable energy options

First actions from this strategy involve our considerations to participate in wind parks. Another action is the installation of a solar roof in Castelletto, Italy, delivering 15 percent of the required energy for this paint production plant.

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