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Our strategic ambitions are as follows: Achieve return on sales (operating income/revenue) of 9.0 percent by 2015 Achieve return on investment (operating income/average 12 months invested capital) of
As a starting point for defining our strategic agenda, we initiated a company-wide analysis of the outlook for the end-user segments that we serve. This is something that we will continue to do on a
Going into 2012, we knew it was going to be a challenging year. Economies were slowing down, the eurozone was full of uncertainty and raw material prices were putting a strain on margins in all our m
This chapter shows our sustainability performance and improvement activities to reduce our impact across the value chain. Our ambition is to achieve top quartile eco-efficiency improvement rates comp
It was another good year for our Specialty Chemicals business, despite a less than favorable macro-economic environment. Following a good first quarter, conditions weakened as the year progressed, pa
Although 2012 was a year in which we faced challenges in markets across the world, our Decorative Paints business continued to make excellent progress on its journey to becoming a global business wit
Our Performance Coatings portfolio delivered record results in 2012, even though we were operating under economically challenging circumstances. It wasn’t a year of large volume increases, so m
Total compensation to key management personnel amounted to €24.1 million (2011: €15.4 million), which is inclusive of €1.7 million related to Dutch crisis tax (of which €1.4 m
title up 5 percent driven by favorable currencies and pricing, offset by lower volumes title 4 percent higher at €1,901 million (2011: €1,834 million) Performance improvement program 2012
Financial statements and profit allocation The financial statements of Akzo Nobel N.V. for the financial year 2012 were audited by KPMG Accountants N.V. The Board of Management has submitted the fina
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