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It was another good year for our Specialty Chemicals business, despite a less than favorable macro-economic environment. Following a good first quarter, conditions weakened as the year progressed, pa
Our Decorative Paints businesses supply a full range of interior and exterior decoration and protection products for both the professional and do-it-yourself markets. Our Performance Coatings busines
Although 2012 was a year in which we faced challenges in markets across the world, our Decorative Paints business continued to make excellent progress on its journey to becoming a global business wit
Our Performance Coatings portfolio delivered record results in 2012, even though we were operating under economically challenging circumstances. It wasn’t a year of large volume increases, so m
Announced the divestment of the North American business to PPG Industries, Inc. Launched the Dulux Let’s Colour flourish brand globally, along with a worldwide campaign to inspire customers Exp
Expanded our technology partnership with McLaren Automotive to include road cars Schramm/SSCP acquisition integration on track Opened a new manufacturing facility in Vietnam Realigned the Business Ar
Completed the acquisition of Boxing Oleochemicals, China Announced €45 million investment in a new dicumyl peroxide (DCP) plant at our Ningbo multi-site in China Demerger and divestment of Chem
In € millions 2008 20091 2010 20114 2012 1 Restated for transferred businesses and excluding National Starch, divested in 2010. 2 Before incidentals. 3 At year-end. 4 Restated to present Decorat
End-user segment and market sector analysis The decorative paints market is roughly 45 percent of the €75 billion global paints and coatings market. Decorative Paints differs from our other Bus
End-user segment and market sector outlook The Performance Coatings market represents around 55 percent of the €75 billion global paints and coatings market. It is growing and profitable. Howev
End-user segment and market sector analysis The global chemicals market is roughly €3 trillion in size and, within that, the specialty chemicals market represents around €500 billion (of
In € millions 20081 2009 2010 20113 2012 20081 2009 2010 20113 2012 1 Excluding National Starch, divested in 2010. 2 At year-end. 3 Restated to present Decorative Paints North America as a disco
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