Reference is made to the table under Note 21 of the Financial statements for the number of shares that were held at year-end 2012 and 2011 by the members of the Board of Management. In the table below, an overview is given of the shares acquired by the relevant members of the Board of Management in 2012 that would, subject to the conditions of the share matching plan, qualify for matching by the company:

Qualifying shares




Board members


Qualifying shares acquired in 2012

Ton Büchner


Keith Nichols


Tex Gunning



Leif Darner


Shares obtained by members of the Board of Management under the performance share plan are taken into account for share ownership purposes (but not for matching purposes) as soon as they have become unconditional. This includes vested shares that are to be retained during the blocking period of two years after vesting.

At the time of his appointment to CEO, Mr. Büchner owned 10,810 shares in Akzo Nobel N.V. which are subject to a matching feature in line with the contractual arrangements as discussed during the 2012 AGM.

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