Where your ideas go far

Where your ideas go far (photo)

Attracting promising new talent and retaining employees with high potential are key to the success of any company with aspirations to be the best. With our sights firmly set on becoming the world’s leading paints, coatings and specialty chemicals company, we attach huge strategic importance to the attraction and retention of talent and the continued development of our employees.

We are already recognized as being a highly collaborative organization that offers an accessible working environment, where sustainability and entrepreneurial spirit are key. But in order to better position ourselves as an employer of choice and differentiate ourselves from the competition, we have to do even more.

So we have developed an Employee Value Proposition, or EVP. Essentially, it’s an articulation of what we stand for as an employer and outlines what employees can expect from us in terms of their role, development, work environment and reward. To help bring it to life, we’ve embodied our EVP in a concept called Where your ideas go far. It will enable us to better communicate the deal between prospective and current employees and help ensure that we have in place the talents we need to achieve our ambitions.

Our EVP also gives us a clear and consistent approach to recruitment and talent development around the world. It sends a strong message that we are looking for people who can see what is happening in the world around them – whether that’s climate change or the increasingly rapid pace of urbanization – and who can use those insights to develop ideas of what tomorrow should look like. How we should live, how we should travel, what type of buildings we should live and work in. In short, our EVP makes it explicit we’re looking for people who have the energy and determination to create the future with our customers and take AkzoNobel and the world forward, one step, every day.

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