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Revolutions in the way bodyshops operate are fairly rare, so in recent years there have been very few radical changes to the way in which vehicles are re-sprayed. The traditional refinish application process requires bodyshop personnel to precisely measure each component to ensure a correct mixture of clearcoat and hardener. As well as being relatively time-consuming, it can result in spills and mixing errors.

In an effort to make this process faster, more efficient and more reliable for its bodyshop customers, our Automotive and Aerospace Coatings business has developed an ingenious packaging solution called click&go. Deceptively simple to use, the system uses disposable, pre-measured pouches that fit into a special frame.

Painters first allow the two components to merge by opening the frame. You then click it closed, give it a quick ten-second shake to activate the clearcoat and it’s ready to go. The system is then attached directly to the spray gun for immediate use. Once application is complete, the pouch is simply detached from the frame and thrown away. The plastic frame can even be recycled.

There’s no spillage, less waste, no need for mixing because the clearcoat and hardener are pre-measured (eliminating mixing errors), no exposure to fumes and product behavior is more consistent. An ideal solution for bodyshops that want to maximize productivity and efficiency and a perfect example of how AkzoNobel is actively seeking new ways to support the growth and sustainability of its customers.

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