Superior strength and performance

Superior strength and performance (photo)

It might look fairly straightforward, but the average sheet of paper goes through a whole series of weird and wonderful production processes before it’s ready to use. So manufacturers are understandably keen to ensure that everything runs as efficiently – and cost effectively – as possible. Being more sustainable is also high on their agenda.

Which is why our Pulp and Performance Chemicals business has developed EcoFill, a system for enhancing paper strength and filler content which makes it possible for customers to improve the sustainability of their operations without having to compromise on production efficiency.

Using filler means that papermakers can use less wood fiber, which is expensive. Filler is also easier to dry than fiber, so less energy is needed when drying the paper. With paper manufacture now taking place on a massive scale (the biggest machine in the world in China produces 1.5 million tons a year) the benefits can be substantial.

Launched in 2012, EcoFill is a patented system which combines engineered cellulose additive (ECA) dry strength chemistry with clever application technology to deliver significant cost-saving benefits and improve the sustainability of customer operations. Available in a two component system, it enhances strength and makes it possible to increase filler content by five to ten percentage points without sacrificing runnability.

Best used in conjunction with the company’s Compozil retention system, our breakthrough EcoFill technology has been quickly accepted by the industry, with the world’s biggest paper machine among its first customers.

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