Creating more with less

Creating more with less (photo)

Creating more value with less environmental impact has been a core element of our operational eco-efficiency program for several years. As well as reducing the amount of resources we use and cutting emissions and waste produced during manufacturing, it also helps to generate important cost savings.

Another crucial element of our operational eco-efficiency program is the fact that it stimulates creativity and innovation as we search for new ways to decrease our environmental impact. And it’s not limited to our own operations. The program also applies to upstream and downstream activities throughout the value chain.

Our manufacturing site in Itupeva, Brazil, is a real environmental success story. Operated by the Surface Chemistry business, the facility has introduced a number of initiatives that have significantly improved sustainability performance at the site. For example, their ammonia recovery project resulted in a 35 percent reduction of CO2 emissions for ammonia usage along the entire value chain. In addition, direct process NO2 emissions decreased by a remarkable 79 percent.

The Itupeva site has also started implementation of the Comprehensive Energy Diagnostics program (CED), which will lead to increased energy efficiency of around 25 percent. These endeavors, combined with the ammonia recovery project, will result in annual cost savings of nearly €2.5 million.

This combination of both environmental and economic benefits makes Itupeva a great example of the positive results we are achieving as we continue to improve our eco-efficiency performance.

All environmental comparisons are made against the baseline year of 2009 and per ton of product.

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