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Note 19: Greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions are primarily CO2 related to fuel, but also include some CO2, CH4 and HFC process emissions. This section reflects the performance of our own operations covering the gate-to-gate scope. More details on our Carbon Policy and cradle-to-gate reporting can be found in Note 16 in this section.

Greenhouse gas emissions in million tons

Greenhouse gas emissions in million tons (bar chart)
  • Total greenhouse gas emissions per ton of production decreased by 4 percent to 256 kg/ton CO2(e) (2010: 267 kg/ton). Absolute greenhouse gas emissions have come down by 8 percent to 4.8 million tons of CO2(e) (2010: 5.2 million tons). The decrease is mainly caused by lower fuel consumption
  • Direct greenhouse gas emissions are 1.6 million tons of CO2(e), made up of 1.3 million tons from fuel burned and 0.3 million tons of CO2(e) process emissions, mainly from the soda ash business in Pakistan
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