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Note 18: Energy

Energy is a major raw material for some of our Specialty Chemicals businesses, so energy efficiency and carbon efficient energy consumption are important metrics for our operations. Energy reduction is supported by a site Energy Diagnostics Methodology, which shows significant saving opportunities in utility energy and results in the development of repeatable models for implementation.

Energy use in 1000*TJ

Energy use in 1000*TJ (bar chart)
  • Energy consumption per ton of production is stable at 5.7 GJ/ton (2010: 5.7 GJ/ton). Absolute consumption was down 4 percent at 107,000 TJ (2010: 111,000 TJ) in line with slightly lower production volumes

Renewable energy

During 2011 we started to develop a renewable energy strategy. We already source about 30 percent of our energy from renewable sources such as wind, water and biomass.

As part of the strategy, we are now exploring opportunities to expand this by another 10 percent through participation in large wind projects, as well as smaller site-by-site initiatives concerning solar, wind and biomass.

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