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Note 11: Employee engagement

We aim to become one of the top companies when it comes to employee engagement by creating a working environment where people feel valued and are given the right conditions to perform at their best. We use our ViewPoint engagement survey to monitor progress. This is based on the Gallup Q12 survey and provides a comparison against nearly 500 organizations.

  • Almost 49,000 employees took part in the survey – 88 percent of the global workforce (2010: 79 percent)
  • Our overall engagement score has improved to 3.74 or 33rd percentile (2010: 3.56 or 23rd percentile). The biggest improvements came from teams that had followed through on their actions to improve engagement levels
  • More than 500 teams achieved an engagement rating in the top 25 percent (2010: 184)

The most significant change was that employees felt positive about the amount of recognition they received at work. Having a best friend at work and personal progress were two other factors that showed the most improvement, as well as clear improvement in company attention to safety. The results are available at team level and consolidated at business unit, function and company level. Managers are trained to feed back results and develop a team improvement plan.

Compared with peer companies in the Gallup database, this puts AkzoNobel in the third quartile. Plans to remedy the gaps are already in place, including improving communications from senior managers to employees and offering support for all people managers. This will allow managers to work better with their teams.

Employee survey scores for each engagement item

2010 employee survey score for each engagement item (bar chart)
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