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When we set our medium-term strategic ambitions in September 2010, we also announced a revised strategic agenda designed to support delivery of these ambitions. content.header in response to global m
As indicated earlier in this section, we continue to make progress in terms of developing one, unified strategic agenda incorporating both Value and Values ambitions. By developing one, unified appro
To deliver on our medium-term ambitions, we must work together in a different way. While business units will remain the core of who we are and will continue to be responsible for focusing on our cust
A key factor in the recent creation of our Executive Committee was the idea that, to deliver the next level of performance and reach our vision of becoming the leader in coatings and specialty chemic
Top quartile safety performance (Continued improvement) Continued to implement behavior based safety, safety leadership training and our global Safety Day concept Significantly improved the safety pe
Without any doubt, 2011 has been a challenging year. After a satisfying first quarter, in which we continued to show profitable growth in line with 2010 trends, we began to experience increasing head
€20 billion in revenue (Delivering) Made progress with achieving our €20 billion target in all three Business Areas Introduced country organizations in high growth markets/regions (Brazil
As a company, we have set ourselves a clear goal – to become the world’s leading coatings and specialty chemicals company. To do this, we need to build and leverage a title because it is
We continue to see a significant opportunity beyond our normal premium product and service level positioning in the mid-market. This is the fast-growing segment that is looking for a different price-
We continue to see growth opportunities in all segments in our business in both mature and high growth markets. To capture these opportunities, we continue to invest in both organic growth and acquis
The Board of Management’s statement on the financial statements, the management report and internal controls We have prepared the AkzoNobel Report 2011 and the undertakings included in the cons
Doing business inherently involves taking risks, and by taking measured risks we strive to be a sustainable company. Risk management is a key strategic process and an essential element of our corpora
We have not been generating sufficient free cash flow to ensure that we can sustainably invest in our growth plans. There are three options for how to change this situation – increasing our rev
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