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We continue to develop an innovation portfolio which will deliver bigger and better innovations, faster. These projects are generally based on “solution promises” that address the global
We have launched a performance improvement program to strengthen our competitiveness, enhance our ability to grow, simplify our support structures and reduce our cost base. This simplification and st
Internal Strategic Implementation of strategic agenda A failure to properly and fully implement our strategic agenda could adversely affect our company and its businesses. Our ability to grasp future
To deliver on our medium-term ambitions, we must work together in a different way. While business units will remain the core of who we are and will continue to be responsible for focusing on our cust
Key performance indicators – value chain Ambition 2008 2009 2010 2011 2015 1 Restated numbers (see Note 14 in this section). Eco-premium solutions (% of revenue) 18 181 211 22 30 Reduction in c
Leadership pipeline A strong leadership pipeline is crucial to supporting our growth ambitions, particularly in our target high growth countries. Retention of Leadership Talent Milestone Milestone in
As the pace of innovation continues to gather momentum, one industry in particular is really taking off when it comes to reinventing the customer experience. Airline travel is undergoing several seis
As the world’s population continues to grow, finding innovative ways to develop solutions to the planet’s environmental problems is becoming increasingly important. In regions where this
Our ambition to achieve revenue of $3 billion in China by 2015 gathered strong momentum during 2011, boosted in particular by the acquisition of Boxing Oleochemicals. Based in the province of Shangdo
Developing sustainable technology is at the forefront of our innovation. We’re constantly striving to make breakthroughs that will offer real benefits to our customers. One such advance was mad
Early in 2011, we announced our biggest ever investment in Latin America. It was a clear signal of our strategic intent to accelerate growth and achieve our medium-term ambition of doubling revenue i
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