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2011 revenue up 7 percent driven by pricing actions to offset raw material cost inflation Weaker end markets and cost inflation impacted results 2011 EBITDA 9 percent lower at €1,796 million (2
Consistent with the two-tier Board structure of the company, the Supervisory Board’s role is differentiated from the role of the Board of Management. The Supervisory Board’s main responsi
Without any doubt, 2011 has been a challenging year. After a satisfying first quarter, in which we continued to show profitable growth in line with 2010 trends, we began to experience increasing head
Total compensation to key management personnel amounted to €15.4 million (2010: €12.9 million), €7.6 million relates to short-term employee benefits (2010: €7.4 million); S
2011 was the year in which the Supervisory Board found a successor to Hans Wijers. It was also the year we launched our groundbreaking performance improvement program. Identifying Hans’ success
Top quartile safety performance (Continued improvement) Continued to implement behavior based safety, safety leadership training and our global Safety Day concept Significantly improved the safety pe
€20 billion in revenue (Delivering) Made progress with achieving our €20 billion target in all three Business Areas Introduced country organizations in high growth markets/regions (Brazil
Under the performance share plan, shares are conditionally granted to the members of the Board of Management. Vesting of these shares is conditional on the achievement of certain performance targets
Stock options were conditionally granted for the last time in 2007 and vested for the last time in 2010. As the total option term is seven years, the last stock options that vested under the stock op
This report describes our remuneration policy and the remuneration paid to individual members of the Board of Management in 2011. The remuneration policy and the individual contracts of the members o
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