Painting a brighter future

Painting a brighter future (photo)

If one thing is driving innovation at the moment it’s the heightened level of concern about the environment. In the European coatings industry, one particular focus of government regulation is the use of VOC compliant varnishes and paints for all interior finishing. This is already in force for permanent installations such as cabinetry, flooring and windows and it is anticipated that the same requirements will soon be placed on movable furniture.

This impending change will have a wide-ranging and significant impact, particularly on the wood coatings industry. It means that conventional, solvent-borne varnishes – which have been used for generations to apply a beautiful, durable finish – will have to be replaced. Many original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of wood products have already switched to more sustainable waterborne and UV cure formulations, but these products typically require sophisticated application equipment, which is not practical for use in custom workshops.

Chemists at our Wood Finishes and Adhesives business have also been busy working on this switch to more sustainable technology and have created a new waterborne varnish which solves the custom workshop dilemma. Marketed under the Zweihorn brand, our new Duocryl waterborne, high gloss varnish has all the properties of outstanding brilliance, depth and a perfect gloss, but without the application costs and complexities. Sandable after six hours, it gives craftsmen and custom workshops the first, practical waterborne high gloss finish while reducing the impact on the environment.

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