Building the brand (photo)

Whatever the industry or market you’re in, if you want to be successful, brand building is vital. A brand has to be distinctive and requires appropriate investment. It has to be recognizable and customers have to immediately connect with it.

So for our Decorative Paints business, one of the most significant developments of 2011 was the launch of a single global brand identity for its retail consumer paint range. Being rolled out worldwide, the introduction of the new strategy demonstrates our determination to further expand our global market share and strengthen our reputation as the world’s leading decorative paints company.

Based around a colorful flourish, which embodies Decorative Paints’ global Let’s Colour campaign – and inspires and invites consumers to decorate their homes and surroundings – the new identity has already been launched in Canada, China, India, South East Asia Pacific and the Netherlands. Other countries and regions will soon follow. AkzoNobel company endorsement is also being introduced on the front of pack and in all advertisements, product websites and other relevant marketing materials.

The strategy involves streamlining our offering from dozens of brands to fewer, more impactful global brands, with the new identity eventually being deployed in close to 50 key markets. Creating the right degree of commonality and consistency, while maintaining a relevant local touch, will also help us to compete directly in regional and local markets and establish more leadership positions.

Adopting this single, global approach will also help consumers to better engage with the brand through touch points and in-store shopping experiences and enable us to more effectively promote our vast range of innovative and eco-premium products.

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